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Assalaam Senior High School which was established in 1989 uses the curriculum of the Ministry of National Education with additions and deepening of religious issues and two languages: Arabic and English. Assalaam Senior High School has obtained Accreditation A status by the National Accreditation Board (BAN) with a score of 97 in 2016. Many alumni of SMA Assalaam have been accepted to study at state universities such as UI, ITB, UNS, UNDIP, UNNES, UNY, UPN, STAN, STP Bandung, UNAIR, UNIBRAW, ISI, Lambung Mangkurat University, etc. as well as universities abroad such as Germany, England, Turkey, Japan, America, Medina, India, etc.

The realization of students who prioritize etiquette, are globally competitive, master science and Islam

Organizing a science and technology-based learning process while still balancing spiritual, intellectual, and moral values.
Organizing a learning process by strengthening the character and Islamic spirit that is creative, innovative and dynamic.
Organizing an educational process that strengthens language and literacy skills towards students who are globally competitive.

Student Character:
Polite, caring, disciplined, achievement and pious

Superiority :
Teacher care and attention
Guidance for University success by professional teachers
Extracurricular activities vary according to the potential needs of students
(English After School (EAS), KSN Guidance, KIR Guidance)
Domestic Education Study (Campus Study) and Overseas Study (Japan Overseas Study / JOS)
Home Stay
Green School
GLS (School Literacy Movement)